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Our Capabilities

Circuit Board

PCB Design

Design, manufacturing and set-to-work of PCBs, incorporating multi-rail power supplies, data acquisition using low power sensors, high-speed digital signalling and RF interfaces.
Specialists in very small form-factor, highly-integrated electronics.
Use of standard Cadence and Autodesk products. Also set-up for rapid turnaround of simpler PCBs

Software Development

Development of embedded C and C++ applications for low-power microcontrollers, including ‘bare-metal’ applications and FreeRTOS. Heavy focus on low power operation through efficient coding and careful use of power modes and states.
Application development on embedded Linux and Android platforms.
Development of GUIs in C++, C# and Java. Iterative GUI development process with feedback from users during design process.

Image by Taras Shypka


3D design and manufacturing of bespoke enclosures made from folded sheet metal, milled aluminium / plastic and injection-moulded plastic.
Use of Solidworks and Autodesk modelling tools.
Established relationships with suppliers for rapid turnaround mechanical manufacture, including 3D printed plastics.

Firmware Development

FPGA development using both Altera and Xilinx devices.
VHDL coding, simulation and verification with Modelsim and synthesis for timing closure using vendor specific tools (Quartus / ISE).
Focus on high-speed network processing and Software Defined Radio (SDR) applications for data transfer in harsh RF environments.


Design for Manufacture

10+ years’ experience of taking products from proof-of-concept, to prototype, pre-production, production and in-service support.
Including certification (e.g. CE /EMC testing), design for test and manufacturability.


Existing relationships with subcontractors allow for production from small to medium volumes (1-offs to 1000-offs). 
Integration and testing of subcomponents either in-house or subcontracted depending on volumes or other requirements (e.g. design security).


Technical Assurance

Technical assurance and review on other programmes and for other companies. 
Efficient and effective reviews, pinpointing the areas of weakness whilst keeping the review time and cost to a minimum.
Remote review and assurance also provided for overseas clients.


Provision of in-service support, including provision of helpdesk services, web support forums, quick-response in-field diagnostics, in- and out-of-warranty repairs, upgrades and obsolescence monitoring.

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